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STEM “Marble Men” FOR009

The popular Estonian metal band Stem has produced a new material, which
will soon be released as their debut album called ‘Marble Men’. Three
songs from the upcoming album – ‘Sequence of Nothing’, ‘The Beast from the
Great Beyond’ and ‘Near Death Experience’ – are downloadable from the
band’s official Myspace page at

News can be found on Stem’s homepage at

‘In its music, Stem combines death metal and thrash metal. I believe that
the right words to describe our music would be ‘melodic’ and ‘innovative’,
there is something for everyone,” says Kaur, Stem’s guitarist. The album
has been long expected both by the band and their fans.

In the autumn, Stem will enter the Baltic New Music Chart with their song
‘The Beast From the Great Beyond’ and reach the audiences in Latvia and
Lithuania with their live video. The upcoming album, ‘Marble Men’, will be
released on 24 August 2007.

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Compilation “Wood Brothers”

WoodbrothersCompilation “Wood Brothers” dedicated to WWII partisans

On the recently released compilation “Wood Brothers” Estonian, Latvian,
Lithuanian and Ukrainian bands are making a joint tribute to their
foreparents who took part in armed resistance against the foreign invaders
during and after the Second World War. In each of these countries the
battle of these brave men and women was somewhat different, but the idea
was the same. The aim of the brethren of the wood was to protect their
families and themselves from the violence of the foreign power. They hoped
to re-establish the independence of their fatherland. The compilation
features Loits, Must Missa and Tharaphita from Estonia, Skyforger and
Urskumug from Latvia, Obtest from Lithuania as well as Nocturnal Mortum,
Astrofaes, Hate Forest and Drudkh from Ukraine.

The album was released by the American Elegy Records and is distributed in
Estonia by Nailboard Records.

Entombed´s new track in MySpace!

EntombedSerpent150The title track from Swedish metallers ENTOMBED’s upcoming album, “Serpent Saints – The Ten Amendments”, has been posted on the Candlelight Records USA MySpace page (link). Due in the U.S. on July 31 and Europe on June 25 via a special arrangement with Threeman Recordings, the 10-song effort marks the group’s first release with drummer Olle Dahlstedt (Alpha Safari, ex-Misery Loves Co.), who replaced Peter Stjärnvind in 2006. Mastering duties were handled by Soren Elofsson at Cosmos Mastering in Stockholm, Sweden.

“Serpent Saints – The Ten Amendments” track listing:

01. Serpent Saints
02. Masters of Death
03. Amok
04. Thy Kingdom Koma
05. When in Sodom
06. In The Blood
07. Ministry
08. The Dead, The Dying and The Dying To Be Dead
09. Warfare, Plague, Famine, Death
10. Love Song For Lucifer

With regards to the musical direction of the new album, the band previously said, “‘Serpents Saints’ goes wider and deeper than the ‘When In Sodom’ EP but it’s a pretty good indicator. It’s no concept album but an ambitious attempt at creating a solid album with some recurring themes. Almost like the soundtrack to the film with the same name.”

The fifth Nailboard Magazine is out

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nbmag-5-200x200As you can see, the cover hero of this Nailboard Magazine is Peter Steel (Type O Negative). Talks of everything from sex to death cover a whole four pages. Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) responds with a similar cubage. The topic this time is mostly the darker side of Greek mythology and the new RC album. The bigwig of Master and the staple in death metal circles, Paul Speckmann, speaks of old school. The non-stoner rock band Fu Manchu is bugged briefly and the Swedish black metal band Craft gives a peek into their world bursting with nihilism. Forgotten Sunrise, Must Missa, Goresoerd and The Sin:Decay muse on their respective fresh albums. Also fitting into the magazine are a humorous Loits studio diary, the first part of a guide to metal women, a review of the Cannibal Corpse concert and an article on punk rock by Aimar Ventsel. The closing is an interview from the early nineties, picked out from the trashbin of history, with one of the most colorful figures on the Estonian metal scenery, Mart Kalvet (Mortified). From the interview you can find out what a young Kalvet hadn’t started yet besides growing a beard.
The poster space is this time shared by old friends Ozzy and Lemmy.

Fourth issue of Nailboard Magazine out now

nbmag-4-200x200The fourth issue of Nailboard Magazine is hereby out and can be ordered via the Nailboard Netstore. Find the magazine in regular stores and newsstands next week!

Contents: interviews with Manowar, Tharaphita and Trivium, as well as with Riho Toomra from Metal Travel Agency. The new issue also contains the second (and final) portion of the retrospective interview with the local death metal legend Aggressor as well as the conclusive chapter of the Ruja story. “A Field Guide to Spotting Metalheads” continues pigeonholing the heavy people. For those into black metal, the magazine features a story of the origins of Burzum as imparted by Varg Vikernes himself, plus an in-depth report of the notorious Ukranian black metal scene. The issue comes with the posters of Must Missa and Slayer.

Nailboard Netstore Online Radio

Nailboard Records is proud to announce a small but pleasant piece of news.

The more attentive among you may already have noticed an addition of a button named “Radio” to our menu bar. Clicking it will not take you to request shows, daily news or other traditional formats of radio broadcast — instead, expect a massive barrage of great metal music! Our “radio” only plays the music available in our Netstore, its list of tracks being constantly updated.

Listen to Nailboard Netstore Online Radio and shut your trap!

Pre-order ´Goremarket Mid-Prices´

Goresoerd-Goremarket200After having managed to regurgitate a new release’s worth of material, the gore-zombies have slammed the studio door behind their putrefying backs. Today, there are more than a couple of reasons to let you have a taste of this stew and also announce the possibility of pre-ordering of the album destined to see the light of day on March 30, 2007. Since the 17 tracks on “Goremarket Mid-Prices” are about as similar to each other as a severed head is to a healthy breakfast, and since most of them don’t really make it over the two-minute line, we have chosen to upload an unusually large number of free samples. Enjoy and discover your inner pervert!

Loits netstore

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LoitsuLoguHRCAs you may have noticed, our homepage at is in a rather poor condition. We have only updated the news section. For more fresh information visit our pages at or The new Loits web page will be ready when the next album is released.

To ameliorate the situation at least a little bit, we have assembled a Loits Netstore, meaning itÂ’s now easier for you to get acquainted with our releases. Most of the articles are also sold wholesale.

Limbonic Art is back with vengeance!

Limbonic Art is back with vengeance!
Another new track from the resurrected symphonic black metal masters LIMBONIC ART, entitled “Seven Doors of Death”, is available for streaming at here. The song comes off the group’s comeback CD, “Legacy of Evil”, due on September 27 via Nocturnal Art Productions. According to a press release, “LIMBONIC ART strike back with full force, more intense and malevolent than ever. This is a well-crafted black metal massacre, with heart and soul!”

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“Legacy of Evil” track listing:

01. A Cosmic Funeral of Memories
02. A Void of Lifeless Dreams
03. Grace by Torments
04. Infernal Phantom Kingdom
05. Legacy of Evil
06. Lycanthropic Tales
07. Nebulous Dawn
08. Seven Doors of Death
09. Twilight Omen
10. Unleashed From Hell

On 06.06.06, LIMBONIC ART’s two members, Daemon and Morfeus, decided to recurrect the band and re-signed with Nocturnal Art Productions/Candlelight Records.

ENTOMBED from Sweden honours HRC’s birthday concert.

entombed150x150ENTOMBED from Sweden honours HRC’s birthday concert.
HRC is celebrating its birthday on the 21-st of January and this time the honorary guest is no other then the band who has defined nothern death metal for the last 16 years – ENTOMBED!

In addition to the swedes two local bands who have proved themselves both locally and in other countries MANATARK and HUMAN GROUND step on the stage of Rock Cafe. Doors open at 20 when DJ’s start playing. The tickets cost 225EEK from presales and 300EEK at the venue. See you there!

Entombed on 2004:

L.G. Petrov – Vocals
Alex Hellid – Guitars
Uffe Cederlund – Guitars
Nico Elgstrand – Bass
Peter Starjnwind – Drums